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"I am very pleased with the overall attitude. In a short time, they managed to complete the installation, and the most important thing for me was that I did not have to deal with anything, neither with the institutions nor with the documents"

Milen TodorovInvestor

"Correct and accurate! They did everything on time. I am very pleased."

Manager NVL Systems

"Excellent impressions of the work of the entire team of "SAT ENERGY" OOD. They completed the project one month earlier than agreed. My electricity bills have been cut in half since having the installation. It was definitely a good investment!”

Bojidar PetrovInvestor

“I can only say one word to describe my personal impression of the company and that is 'PROFESSIONALS'. Everyone can trust them completely.”

Peter Petrovmanager of a shopping center in the town of Gabrovo

"Most of all, I liked that after I signed the contract for the implementation of the photovoltaics with "SAT ENERGY" OOD, one day they simply called and said, "Come, everything is ready and already working." I just didn't understand when and how they did everything. I am one of those people who value my personal time and this was the most important thing for me. I recommend "SAT ENERGY"!

Martin Dimitrovmanager of a chain of stores in the town of Lovech

Special thanks to "SAT ENERGY" for the quick implementation and commissioning of the installation, as well as for the professional attitude.

Konstantin Kostadinovprivate investor

Our successful partnership with the SAT ENERGY team gives us reason to recommend the company to our colleagues and friends who have decided to make their own electricity production installation

Stefan SimovskiATP - Atomtoploproekt manager
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